A devoted husband and father, small business owner, World Champion competitive shooter, and a conservative powerhouse, Blake’s commitment to preserving and enriching our South Louisiana way of life runs deep. His platform is shaped by firm moral values, the rich traditions of our community, and a staunch belief in the principles enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. Blake understands the challenges we face and is prepared to fight for the solutions we need, whether it’s safeguarding our Second Amendment rights, transforming our education system, driving fiscal responsibility, reducing crime, protecting innocent life, resisting divisive ideologies, enhancing infrastructure, or solving the homeowners’ insurance crisis. Explore his platform to see how Blake is championing our community’s interests, protecting our rights, and working tirelessly to make Louisiana a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Deeply Rooted Values 

A husband, father, businessman, competitive shooter, and outdoorsman, Blake Miguez embodies the conservative way of life of South Louisiana. He holds a steadfast commitment to the Constitution of the United States and its core principles – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms. In his legislative role, he fights for these freedoms and the inherent rights of all people in his district and across Louisiana, regardless of race, religion, politics, or beliefs.

Second Amendment Champion 

A passionate advocate of the Second Amendment, Blake’s experience as a professional pistol competitor has cemented his dedication to protecting the right to bear arms. He is steadfast in his defense of this constitutional right and is committed to ensuring law-abiding citizens can safely use and possess firearms to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Pro-Life Advocate

As a pro-life advocate, Blake holds the firm belief that life is a precious gift. He is unwavering in his commitment to protect innocent life in the womb, promoting a culture of compassion, respect, and support for the sanctity of life. He is also dedicated to providing resources and guidance to women and families, fostering an environment of understanding and care during one of life’s most profound journeys. His advocacy is rooted in the respect for and protection of life, from conception onward.

Election Integrity Advocate

Preserving the sanctity of our democratic process, Blake prioritizes Election Integrity. A fervent believer in fair and transparent elections, he champions measures that ensure every legal vote counts and that our elections reflect the true will of the people. He is committed to combating voter fraud and bolstering the security of our voting systems, reinforcing the fundamental principle that the power of our government lies in the hands of the people. Blake stands firm in upholding the democratic principles upon which our nation was built.

Fighting for Law Enforcement and Veterans

As a true advocate for those who serve and protect, Blake wholeheartedly supports our law enforcement and veterans. Recognizing the sacrifices they make for our safety and freedom, he is dedicated to advancing policies that provide them with the resources, support, and respect they rightfully deserve. From advocating for law enforcement to ensuring our veterans receive quality healthcare and support after their service, Blake’s commitment to these heroes is unwavering. He believes a grateful nation should fully support those who put their lives on the line to protect our liberties and uphold our way of life. Blake fights every day to ensure Louisiana stands with our law enforcement and veterans.

Education Advocate 

Blake believes in empowering educators to make classroom decisions free from burdensome government regulation. His firsthand experience, as the husband of a dedicated special needs teacher, fuels his advocacy for teaching autonomy and the removal of bureaucratic barriers in education. Moreover, Blake firmly endorses the principle that parents know best for their children. He recognizes that each child’s educational needs and aspirations are unique, and that parents, in close collaboration with teachers, should have the primary role in shaping their child’s educational journey.

Fiscal Responsibility Proponent

Advocating for smaller, responsible government, Blake upholds fiscal conservatism and common sense economics. He envisions a Louisiana where businesses thrive without excessive tax burdens and where state spending is carefully managed. Blake believes it’s time for the government to operate within its means, similar to our approach in managing household and business budgets. His goal is to control the growth of government spending, not by cutting services, but by ensuring each dollar is spent strategically and responsibly for the welfare of Louisiana’s future.

Tax Reform Advocate

Recognizing the burden of excessive taxation on the hardworking people of Louisiana, Blake is a dedicated advocate for tax reduction. He believes that economic growth and prosperity are fostered when families and businesses are empowered to keep more of their hard-earned income. Blake is committed to championing tax reforms that not only reduce the overall tax burden but also simplify the tax system, making it more understandable and manageable for everyone. This vision centers on a prosperous Louisiana, where financial freedom fuels innovation, investment, and growth. Blake’s commitment to tax reduction is a testament to his dedication to putting the people of Louisiana first.

Crime Fighter

The safety and prosperity of our communities is paramount. Blake is committed to addressing crime by focusing on its root causes and by implementing effective crime prevention strategies in collaboration with law enforcement, legislators, and citizens. Recognizing that lasting safety comes from a comprehensive approach, Blake is devoted to supporting rehabilitation and reintegration programs for those leaving the criminal justice system, alongside stricter measures for repeat offenders. He also sees the value in investing in community-based initiatives that help prevent crime, such as improving education and creating opportunities for local youth.

Warrior against Wokeness and Far Left Policies

Blake is committed to combating divisive ideologies that breed discord in our society. Rooted firmly in the national motto, “In God We Trust,” he champions a society built on shared values and the enduring principles that have guided us for generations. This commitment extends to opposing ideologies that challenge these foundational beliefs, and he stands resolute in preserving our nation’s faith-based heritage. Blake believes in fostering a unified society that respects diverse viewpoints while still upholding the faith and traditional values that form the fabric of our great state of Louisiana. His focus is on building a stronger, more unified community, where every citizen can thrive.

Infrastructure Champion

Understanding the crucial role of infrastructure in our daily life and economic growth, Blake is committed to advocating for regional infrastructure projects. He realizes the importance of addressing our state’s infrastructure needs, which have long been neglected. His vision is to rebuild our state roads, bridges, and other critical structures to enhance Louisiana’s prosperity and the quality of life of its residents. These projects require necessary funding and prudent oversight, and Blake is dedicated to securing this, always with a careful consideration of the impact on taxpayers. His vision prioritizes reliable, efficient infrastructure to better serve Louisiana’s residents and promote the state’s continued growth and prosperity.

Homeowner’s Insurance Crisis Solver

Living in a coastal parish within the district, Blake shares the same concerns as his fellow residents about the current homeowners’ insurance crisis. His understanding of these challenges isn’t just as a representative, but also as a fellow homeowner who experiences the realities of these insurance rates. Blake is committed to pushing for reforms that ensure all homeowners in our community have access to affordable, reliable coverage. He aims to create a competitive insurance market that benefits consumers and providers alike, making homeownership more achievable and sustainable for everyone in Louisiana. Blake’s goal is to ensure fairness and economic security for all homeowners in our state.