A Dedicated State Senator Fighting for Louisiana

Raised near the tranquil Loreauville area, right on the St. Martin parish line, Blake has always felt a profound connection to his community along the Bayou Teche. This bond drove his life from the days he spent as an Eagle Scout, throughout his educational journey at the local Catholic High School and later at Louisiana State University and Southern Law School. Today, residing in New Iberia, that commitment extends into his successful career spanning both the public and private sectors.

Blake is a dedicated husband and father, a steward of family and faith. Together with his wife, Ashley, a devoted special needs teacher, they foster a home grounded in empathy and service to others. His family business, deeply rooted in the local community, has allowed him to understand firsthand the challenges and opportunities facing our small businesses and industries.

As a World Champion competitive pistol shooter, a feat that landed him a recurring role on the History Channel’s Top Shot TV series, Blake has brought honor and recognition to South Louisiana. Beyond showcasing our unique culture and resilient spirit to a national audience, Blake has leveraged his expertise in service to his community. He has offered training sessions on self-defense for women. He has dedicated time to educating children on gun safety, affirming his commitment to utilize his skills for the betterment and protection of those around him.

Elected to the Louisiana State Senate on October 14th, 2023, Blake continues to be a strong Republican voice, consistently advocating for the conservative values of his district and the broader Louisiana community. His unwavering leadership and commitment to conservative principles have earned him the trust of his constituents and colleagues alike.

As a State Senator, Blake proudly serves on the following committees:

  • Senate and Governmental Affairs (Vice Chair)
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Judiciary C
  • Capitol Security Council (Vice Chair)
  • Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget

In addition to his committee assignments, Senator Miguez also holds positions within the Acadiana Delegation and the Louisiana Rural Caucus.

His roles allow him to fight for fiscal responsibility, economic growth, education reform, constitutional rights, and Second Amendment rights while fighting for the agriculture, oil and gas, and seafood industries. Senator Miguez’s legislative priorities include strengthening education, rebuilding infrastructure, lowering insurance rates, supporting economic development, and improving public safety.

As a proven leader and proud Louisianan, Senator Blake Miguez remains resolute in his dedication to serving his community and state. His steadfast belief in the power and potential of the people of Louisiana fuels his fight for conservative values. Blake Miguez is more than just a State Senator—he’s a defender of our values and a fighter for Louisiana.

I am a lifelong resident of Senate District 22; I live here, I work here, I raise my family here.

– Blake Miguez