What I Believe:

Creating Jobs: As a small business owner, I recognize and understand the importance of creating new jobs. Our potential for economic growth in Iberia and Vermillion Parishes is limitless if we keep government off the backs of our hard working business owners. I want to see less regulations and lower taxes, investing our tax dollars in our people and I want to stand up for Louisiana.

Cut Wasteful Spending: Government functions best when it is leaner, more efficient and focused on our most important needs. I will lead the fight in the legislature to cut government spending and eliminate government waste. My ambition is to audit every state agency to see which programs are effective and which aren’t. I will insure that our tax dollars are being used responsibly in servicing public needs.

Protecting 2nd Amendment: Legislatures across the country are attempting to push through needless gun control legislation in the name of public safety. Some of them have succeeded. I want to work tirelessly to defend and protect the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. I’ve been a champion pistol shooter and avid hunter for most of my life, and like you, I understand the importance of our right to bear arms. It is one of our most time honored Louisiana traditions and I will work to make sure that it is preserved for generations to come.

Defending Our Conservative Values: I was born and raised right here in Cajun country and have a strong passion for defending our conservative Louisiana values. I am pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and against any government’s effort to place restrictions on our ability to pray in schools or public places. My faith has always guided my principles and will continue to serve as a compass for making important decisions that impact our state.